KtecK, what is this site.

Many years ago in our early day of playing on the web we decided to set up a web site and go into some kind of computer - internet related business. One things we had to do is come up with something to call ourselves, something that had an available domain name. So we decided on KtecK. So now we have our name, with the two K's for Ken and Kevin. The tec in the middle cause we are doing the tech kind of stuff.

In 2006 our first domain name was kteck-webs.com, followed by kteck-webs.ca with both names going to the same web site, we later were able to get kteck.ca, more desirable short domain name. Our earlier efforts were based around helping to get people on the web. We tried to show people the least expensive ways to obtain a domain name and find a place to host their site. We also offered a web site design service for those who wanted someone to help. In additions to this our site offered some computer help and tips.

The web business side was never very successful. We ran into two kinds of people, those who were never happy and did not want to pay and those who thought with our prices, were too low so could we could not be any good. We never seem ed to find the middle ground here. Anyway, when something you were having fun with becomes a business a lot of the fun seems to go away. After a few years, we dropped this and concentrated more on our computer repair and consulting business. It never got us rich but paid the bills.

KtecK is now an intro page for our group of web sites. They center around various topics related to computers and amateur radio. Our computer related information is now located in the Info Center (see Menu above) If you are unsure of what site may have, try the site Search located on the Menu above.

Computer & Web - Support & Information

Kteck Tech Blog - KComputer Zone - StreamDesk

Amateur Radio

Amateur-Radio - MM Hamsoft - KC's Canadian Amateur Radio

Hosted Sites

VE5BRC - Battlefords Amateur Radio Association - VE5EB Memorial Website - VK6RO Website


New Server

We have recently moved to a new server, You should be seeing much faster load times,

This year the contents from multiple sites will be merged in. During this time things may break every so often so please forgive the virtual construction.

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