Speed Tests

Cogeco High Speed Test
Verizon Speed Test
DSL Reports (location 1 - USA)
Speakeasy - Speed Test
People Telecom (Perth - Australia)
Tiscali (London - United Kingdom)
World wide (sorted by location)

This is a convenient way to test your Internet Connection Speed from different locations . 
Since there are many variables involved, no one test can give you an accurate indication  
of you connection speed. What you will see is the speed between your modem and the    
test location. For the most accurate speed test you should use a site as close to your  
location as possible.

Online Virus Scanners

Trend Micro - Free online virus Scan
RAV AntiVirus - Scan Online

Other Links

Trojan Scan  
FREE Online Trojan Scanner (A trojan is a program which runs on your computer and gives 
someone else access, over the internet, to your computer).   

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