Default beep not working

Posted by Administrator on Feb 10 2011
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Default beep not working

This problem may occur on any Windows Operating system. The default beep sound scheme disappears from the computer and in many instances in the event where the system calls for the Default Beep the internal computer speaker will sound instead. It has been verified by other users that this problem occurs after installing Norton AV 2003, other causes are unknown. There are several possible fixes for this problem all of which are posted here.

Note: These fixes require you changing values in your system registry and are to be done at your own risk. will not be held liable or responsible for any damage that might be caused as a result of editing the registry. To be safe, please back up your registry before making any changes. To back up your registry do the following. Click on Start > Run > Type regedit and click OK. Highlight My Computer > Click on File > Export > Save the registry file to your hard drive.

Registry Fixes.

Here are 2 possible registry fixes that you can try to solve this problem. Simply download the reg files and double click on them to proceed with the registry fix. The first regfix was taken from an XP computer and should work on XP/2000 systems. On Win 9x use the file at your own risk. The second regfix was taken from an unknown source.

  1. Download the fix
    Version: Version 1.0
  2. Extract the appropriate fix for your windows version
    • Default beep not working for Win 2K-XP.exe for Windows 2000 / XP
    • Default beep not working for Win 98.exe for Windows 98

Other Fixes.

On the computers where you have more than 1 user account setup, especially on Win XP and 2000, you can login to another users account and first verify that their default sound is working properly. If it does, then click on Start > Run > Type in regedit and click OK

Browse to the following location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents

Click on File and export this key to your hard drive. Log in to the account where the Default Beep does not work and double click on the file that you exported earlier. This should update the registry and fix the problem

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