Windows 7 on Asus Eee PC 1000h Series

Posted by Administrator on Feb 20 2011
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Not too long ago I had made a hacked together Asus Eee PC 1000h series driver pack for win7 that I had removed since Asus had released offical drivers and utils. It seems that Asus has pulled them and as of such with some research it seems that all of the needed files were all on their server but under other models.

Here is a list of all the win7 drivers and utilites for the Eee PC 1000h series.

Audio - RALC269 (
Bluetooth - BT-253 ( [1]
Chipset - I945 (
Graphics - I945 (
Hotkey Service (1.15)
Super Hybrid Engine (2.09)
Instant Key (1.12)
Keyboard Filter (
Lan - AAR8113 (
SATA AHCI Driver (
Touchpad - TP-ETD (
WiFi - ANE766 (  [2]
WiFi - ANE771 ( [2]

1. Feature is included in 1000he and newer
2. Wireless module varies between various 1000he models... look under battery to check if it is 771 or 766

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